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  1. 7 Feb 2019
    Great trip, most amazing memories... I don't think its something I could ever imagine without your help.. time of our lives.... DO you have the capability of booking Amsterdam/Italy destinations?
  2. 25 Sep 2018
    Hi Theresa, I just wanted to thank you for everything, Bora Bora was amazing and so was the Four Seasons. Let us know if you ever come across any great deals that are amazing! Thank you again, Carla
  3. 11 Aug 2018
    Theresa, I wanted to tell you how lovely our vacation trip to Maui was and everything went perfectly. My thanks and compliments to you on a great job of planning for us. The only hitch was the snorkel trip got cancelled due to high winds, can you check to be sure they credit me back. Without question I will use your services again. Best regards, Scott
  4. 24 Apr 2018
    Hello Theresa, We are having an amazing time. The wheel chair service in San Diego and Maui was life saving.
    Maui Submarine Tour
  5. 10 Apr 2018
    Great awesome experience took my family to Aulani. Theresa made it happen, everything that was advertised and more she delivered. Can't wait to book another trip using her services. God bless this woman.
  6. 24 Mar 2018
    I found Theresa a while back but I usually book my own travel. We decided to use her for our Spring Break trip to Oahu and we are so glad we did! She took care of everything! The hotel was amazing, and the flights and car rental were great. It was so nice to not have to worry about anything for a change. Will definitely book our next vacation through her!
  7. 24 Jul 2017
    24 Jun 2017 Hello!!! Well, we are finally home from our vacation and it was fabulous!!! I can't thank you enough for all you did to accommodate us and helping answer all my questions. It all went smoothly, the Conrad is very nice and the staff could not have been more professional and friendly. They have definitely upgraded to level 5 star resort. It was a "labor of love" travel experience, but well worth the long trip. Thank you again for a dream vacation and I hope to have a chance to use your services again!!❤️❤️ Beth Williams
  8. 11 Jun 2017
    Hey Theresa, Thanks! We were able to sit together after everyone boarded. The plane was only half full. The guy beside me moved to an empty row and then Billy moved up. Thanks also for booking the vacation for us. We had a wonderful time and the wedding was absolutely beautiful. Everything went off smoothly. I do have to say that Sandals and Riu do have some differences but overall, the vacation was fabulous. Thanks again!
  9. 5 Jun 2017
    Theresa set up our trip to Bora Bora flawlessly, communicated politely and promptly, and even sent us a digital copy of our itinerary when we realized on the way to the airport that we forgot the hardcopy at home. She also was able to book a good deal at the St Regis resort - in addition to the standard deal (1 night free for every 5 nights of stay), she got us complimentary breakfasts and dinners for the duration of our stay (meals are extremely expensive in Bora Bora so this was a substantial savings). Finally, when reconfirming our return transfer from Bora Bora to Tahiti, she was able to book us on a later transfer, giving us additional time at the resort and shortening our layover in Papeete. Overall, a great experience.
  10. 1 Jun 2017
    Theresa has been wonderful. She booked my hotel, flights, and car. Got me a great deal. She booked me a day before I even paid her! She sent my itinerary before I paid her! Sent me entertainment options and info. She was informative and nice every time I spoke with her. Appreciate the superior customer service. I will use her moving forward! Just an update: we just completed our Hawaiian vacation. Everything was fantastic and as promised! Theresa had welcome messages and booked extras for us that were just enhanced our total experience. I highly recommend!
  11. 1 Jun 2017
    We found Theresa online. My fiance (now husband) called her to speak with her directly. She was very nice, very accommodating on the phone. So we took a leap of faith and sent in our deposit for our once in a lifetime Honeymoon trip to Tahiti where she booked us into the Hilton Moorea (over-the-water bungalow) for 7 nights and final two nights at a nice oceanfront resort in Papeete (so we would be close to the airport). Any questions we had, we just emailed her and she replied immediately. We just returned from our trip, and everything was perfect. About 10-14 days before our departure date we received our travel documents, nicely packaged, with all our flight and hotel info, and all the vouchers we needed for transport to and from our various destinations. It was great to arrive at Papeete Airport and have someone holding up a sign with our names on it (correctly spelled too!
  12. 30 Apr 2017
    Our vacation at Disney Aulani was SUPER AMAZING!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. What a blast we had!! You're awesome deal meant that we could go all out with whatever we felt like doing/eating/drinking. We made some amazing memories and you made it happen! Thank you!!! Samantha, Randy, Mason, Hannah
  13. 6 Jan 2017
    Theresa you are the best. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you and all you do for me and my fantastic trips. Where can I write a review for you so other prospective clients know how amazing you are? xo DJ
  14. 20 Oct 2016

    Hi Theresa thank you for our wonderful dinner, we are having and amazing time in paradise. This is the most beautiful place a never been, you going to have a hard time topping Tahiti and we still need to sea Bora Bora that I heard is even better than Moorea.

    Candlelight Dinner on the BEach
  15. 11 Mar 2016
    She was awesome for our travel.Everything went very smooth. Got a great deal on a great Mexican vacation. Will definitely use her again!! Thanks!!!
  16. 12 Sep 2015

    Hi Theresa,

     We are back home after a perfect honeymoon in Tahiti. All of the documents that you sent us were in order. Marana Tours was waiting for us at the airport and transported us to the ferry dock where we boarded the ferry to Moorea. When we arrived we were picked up by Albert Tours and transported to the Hilton Hotel. The staff was very friendly and let us check in to our room without waiting until 2 pm. The hotel was wonderful as our room was also. We snorkeled directly from our deck and there was an abundance of colorful fish. We rented a car and drove completely around the island, went on an ATV  tour to Magic Mountain, Belvedere and the pineapple plantation, went to the dinner show at the Hilton which was fantastic and took a boat ride with Hero's Tours to snorkel with black tip sharks and sting rays all of which were not aggressive, after snorkeling we had a BBQ on the private beach. We want to thank you for arranging the room at the Tahiti Pearl Beach Hotel for the two days otherwise it would have been very difficult to get from Moorea to Papeete and then to the airport in one day.

     Some information for your future clients to Tahiti, the Hilton gives an exchange of 100 francs for $100 US and everyone else that doesn't accept credit cards gives the same exchange. At the bank in downtown Papeete the ATM gives you 1,000 francs for $100 US and my bank that it was drawn on only charged $89 US. If I was to do it again I would go to the ATM in the bank and exchange a lot more money and pay cash for most purchases. 

  17. 20 Jun 2015

    Hi Theresa,
    We are headed home today from Maui. Beautiful vacation. Thank you for the beautiful flowers. You are so kind and thoughtful. I will touch base when we get settled regarding our next travels.

    Warmest aloha,Tonja

  18. 20 May 2015

    "We would love to stay longer but have to get home to make more money to go back again one of these days! The resort was wonderful, Theresa, thanks so much for planning the trip and for the nice upgrade to the ocean front view! We appreciate you!"

  19. 20 Feb 2015

    Hi Theresa,
    Got back from paradise last week, just wanted to thank you for helping us plan our honeymoon. Moorea was beautiful, and Bora Bora was just beyond words. The Four Seasons was absolutely top notch.We also were fortunate with excellent weather. I thought I would send a picture from Bora Bora along to put some faces to the names. Thanks again!

    Four Seasons BOra bora OVertwater Bungalow
  20. 20 Feb 2015

    St Regis pictures on Facebook, nighttime at the bungalow, outside my over water bungalow, reef diving ,feeding the fishies!

    Bora Bora Island St Regis Bora bora Mt Otemanu Bora bora
  21. 20 Feb 2015

    Hi Theresa,
    Just wanted to let you know we had a great time. The weather was perfect except for some brief downpours (which were refreshing). Packing alcohol saved us a ton of $$$. Drinks were crazy expensive.
    We were in the 200's which were really close to the beach and restaurant so that was really convenient (especially since we were making our own drinks in our room to bring to the beach). We did a jeep safari, the lagoonarium, bloody mary's, and a helicopter tour. Everything was really cool - feel free to pick our brains if you have any specific questions.

    Thanks again!

    Lagoonarium Bora Bora
  22. 20 Feb 2015

    Had a great time in French Polynesia, if you come across any real deal
    packages for Dec Jan 1, , we may have interest..
    Hlton Bora Bora

  23. 21 Nov 2014

    Almost home from this trip. Everything on your end was great. United had a 7 hour delay in San Francisco going to Kona. Thanks for the great package

  24. 20 Oct 2014

    Hi Theresa -

    Just got back.. the trip went perfectly and was amazing. Thanks for helping book it. I have another couple in town who is interested... I'll be sharing your contact info.

    Enjoy Tahiti. We would love to see the pics...


  25. 21 Sep 2014

    Our Hawaii vacation was fabulous!Thank you so much.When hike got cancelled we helicoptered to Molokai instead.Spectacular.Can't wait to receive the video!

  26. 21 Jul 2014

    We are back from our trip to costa rica and it was great. we booked a few excursions there and they were much cheaper and very nice. we had a very good time.
    the westin was awesome. Unlike any hotel i have been to as far a service. if you had an issue, they fixed it. it was nice.
    the mosquitos were not that bad so i think they must treat for them very well. we only had issues when we were out of the resort mostly, even with the bug spray.

    our airline gave us one free bag each. that was awesome. other passengers had to pay so i was wondering if that was because of something you did? if so THANKS! that was a pleasant surprise.

    thanks for everything!

  27. 20 Jul 2013


    Lolly and I returned yesterday morning from our trip. Thought I would give you some feedback. Overall, as you would expect, the trip was fantastic. What a beautiful part of the world. The people were so friendly and welcoming. We really had a wonderful time and are glad that we spent the money on what is likely to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip. As for specifics:

    Air France. First time I’ve been on AF and was favorably impressed. The cheap seats seem to have a couple of additional inches of pitch than do US carriers. In fact, our cheap seats were about the same as economy plus on United. The plane was about ¾ full on both legs; we had an empty seat between us on the way there and switched to aisle seat across from one another on the way back. The business class seats on AF’s 777s did not appear to be lie-flats. The food was good on the return flight; it was a bit weird on the LAX to PPT leg, but I guess that can be excused by the midnight departure. The fact they still offer free wine in the econ section is amazing – at least to this long-time United 1Ker. Don’t know what Air Tahiti Nui is like, but find it hard to believe it could be better than what we got on AF.

    Air Tahiti. No problems with any of their flights, but the carry-on baggage rule is a bit ridiculous. I appreciate the desire to keep large items out of the overheads, but a limit of 3 kg on carry-ons? While they did not strictly enforce the rule, we did have to do some last-minute re-packing at the check-in counter. Were we to repeat this itinerary, I think I would opt for the ferry ride from Tahiti to Moorea rather than wait the several hours for the air connection. They do move people quickly and don’t waste any time in turning around those flights (which is what comes with an apparent total lack of security!).

    Sofitel on Moorea. My only experience with the Sofitel chain is in Brussels, and their property there is my favorite place to stay. I was not disappointed in Moorea – the Sofitel Ia Ora was superb. We are glad you chose for us the beach bungalow; our number 415 was perfectly situated. Next to the bar, not that far from the main building, but not that close. Really, I think it was the best beach bungalow of them all. It was well appointed, too. The food was pretty good at both restaurants, although I did eat something bad at breakfast on 4/7 that sickened me the entire day. The evening meals were good and not that outrageously priced; our final night there at the K restaurant was really excellent. We did not go off the property to eat, as we were satisfied with the Sofitel’s offerings (and I avoided the suspect chicken sausage at breakfast). We did do a boat cruise with Hiro’s tours. It was a lot of fun and the motu cookout was just great. In fact, it gave me back my appetite after the previous day’s sickness. In sum, would definitely recommend the Sofitel. Great job on that one. If there is ever a next trip to Moorea, I would rent a car and have the freedom to move about the island.

    Le Meridien Bora Bora. Nice property and our over-water bungalow was situated almost at the end of the one pier (we were number 245). I noticed, however, that our deck was smaller compared with the units around us. Not a big deal, but noticeable. Also noticed that the Meridien over-water bungalows have the smallest lower-level platforms of any of the island’s resorts. All the others had a big enough platform to put a couple chairs or to use as a dive platform at water-level. Again, not a big deal, but it does give the other properties a leg up. Our main problem with the Meridien was the food: expensive and mediocre. We knew this was not going to be a budget trip or a modestly priced destination. But it got to the point we felt we were being gouged. And in every conversation we had with other guests, they expressed the same sentiment. For example, the Thursday we arrived, the restaurant had only the buffet dinner. I was taken aback at the price tag – more than $80 per person for food that was only slightly better than steam-table, all-you-can-eat fare at a low-end chain restaurant. I will say their cold seafood salads were outstanding, but that isn’t enough to justify the hefty buffet price tag. The next night was ala carte and that was an even bigger disappointment. Mahi cooked in a brown glop accompanied by a medley of overcooked (i.e., rubbery) shellfish. The mahi served with breakfast was far better. After this, we bought groceries at the Chin Lee market in Vaitape and fed ourselves the other three nights. No complaints at all about the breakfasts – they were up to international hotel standards. Another complaint is the absurd pricing of internet access. The $30 per person charge to take the hotel shuttle to Vaitape is another quibble, but I can accept that one more readily than the rest of the nickel-and-diming.

    No complaints about the staff or the facilities themselves. Were we to return to Bora Bora, we would opt for one of the other resorts and avoid the Meridien. I also think we would stay on the main island rather than the motus. We really felt trapped and I think that isolation breeds the usurious pricing. The exception is the Sofitel property there –both of which looked very appealing. I don’t mean to carp about the Meridien, it’s just that with a high price tag and high expectations, I expect certain things. And on some of those the hotel did not deliver.

    We did the Vavau ATV tour and a snorkeling tour, both of which were quite fun and arranged through the Meridien activities desk. The snorkeling trip (I forget the name of the outfit we used – it was the one the hotel uses) was the highlight of the trip, for sure. So glad we did that. We opted for the full day tour, which added a motu lunch for another XPF 2500. It was the best meal (not to mention the least-expensive) we had on Bora Bora! By the way, we had great timing: we watched the stunning lunar eclipse from our deck. A magical event in a magical setting.

    InterContinental on Tahiti. This is a lovely property, although it seems more suited to a clientele that wants to sit around a pool than go in the ocean and do things. So convenient to the airport. It was a great place just to walk around, and we particularly liked the explanatory plaques they had around the property. Wish more of the hotels did that – explaining the local flora, legends, etc. Kudos to the InterContinental for that. We had a very nice room for our last night in the islands. To end the trip with a bang, we made a reservation to dine at Le Lotus. Perhaps one of the best meals we’ve ever had. It was ~$300, but I don’t mind paying for world-class dining and it was worth it. Would recommend Le Lotus to anyone who appreciates good food.

    Transfers. All the transfers worked out perfectly. Everyone was on-time and there was never any problem. Made life much simpler.

    As I said, all in all it was a fantastic trip. I had the over-water bungalow in mind for this trip but glad you divided between over-water and beach front. I think we actually kinda preferred the beach front, as walking on the beach is half the fun at a place like this. But the over-water also has to be experienced. Thanks for arranging it the way you did. You can absolutely count us a satisfied customers.

  28. 15 Jul 2013

    Thanks again for the vip club mobay passes, It was a nice treat and I would recommend it to others as well. On our last day at the resort I signed up for the soon come back program. They offered a very good price without airfare, and stated you can still get credit for the booking. I've attached all the documents. It's fully refundable, if you dont' get full credit or your price is cheaper let me know and I'll cancel it and book through you. When you have some time please check airfare prices as well.
    Thanks again and have a great holiday.

    Mark Tlumacki

  29. 8 Jun 2013

    We want to say THANK YOU to Theresa Wilkes for our awesome, wonderful. Spectacular Tahiti Honeymoon!!! It is Paradise !!!! Thank You again — with Blair Minton.

    Intercon Thallasso
  30. 8 Apr 2013


    WOW WHAT A WONDERFUL WONDERFUL trip at the Grand caribe! Been busy as heck trying to catch up since we got back but I can't wait to tell you about it & send some pics.


  31. 12 Mar 2013

    Theresa, Schafer and I had a fabulous time in St. Regis Bora Bora, the MOST beautiful place on earth! We could not have done it without you!

  32. 28 Aug 2012

    "Eldorado Maroma was ABSOLUTELY our favorite place we've ever been!!! I need to get on your sight and write a raving review for you!!!! We have been covered up busy since we've been back though.....If you can get us the upgrade for our next trip, the same room would be great.....I'll just trust you to work your magic!!!

  33. 18 May 2012

    Hi Theresa-

    The honeymoon was great! The only kink in the week was that American Airline delayed my most important bag for 3 days. Other than that we had a great time. Thanks again

  34. 14 Mar 2012

    I don't wanna go back home. This place is awesome! It is just way of saying thank you again. We had a fantastic time

    Arezou Petrie

  35. 20 Feb 2012

     Everything was wonderful. The hotel was beautiful and the room completely updated. We had a gorgeous view and the beach wasn't crowded at all. The jeep was perfect - Brian loved it. Thanks for everything!

  36. 14 Jun 2011

    To Teresa, our tour guide and to our friends on the mainland.

    Thanks Teresa for the wine and snacks. That was a wonderful treat as we arrived here on island #6.

    Our entire trip has been delightful through day 20. The highlights have been the ray and shark snorkling in Moorea and Bora Bora. Yes we did both and each had it's unique differences. We hand fed the rays that felt like velvet and , yes, Brenda fed them too. As we entered the food chain, the sharks were swimming all around us, but must not have been hungry for human flesh that day, so the guide fed them fish. The 4wd excursions riding in the back of a pick up truck sitting on hard benches on Moorea and Bora Bora were both fun and rough. Great views on both from the heights of each island. The accommodations have been 5 star every place that you booked including the room here at the Hyatt where I'm presently sitting on the balcony overlooking the pool and ocean to a view of Lanai. WOW!!!!! In Papeete we were in an ocean view SUITE OF ROOMS; in Moorea , a large bungelow with a private pool, which was very cold; in Bora Bora, a WOW bungelow over the water, with our own private dock from which we snorkled in 10 feet of water several times and disturbed the sanctuary of numerous beautiful fish. We also got bread from the restaurant and fed 100s of larger fish(2-5 lbs) from our balconey; then, the only thing that Brenda and I booked was the bed and breakfast in Hilo on the Big Island, which was not air conditioned, mosquito infested, and humid with millions of tiny little frogs playing trumpets outside our open windows, all night long. Brenda wisely bought a fan at Walmart that first night, which saved the day for us. We did, sort of, get used to the charming room, but were very glad to get back to 5 star a/c. Hilo is on the wet side of the island, so it rained daily, but thankfully, none of our excursions were negatively effected. It's really interesting how each island has a rain forest on one side and Arizona dry land on the other side of the island. The Pearl Harbor tour was great as well. I bought a book written and signed by a general about the Japanese War and got 4 generals who were in Pearl Harbor during the raid, to sign the book. The Zip line was fun , but it took some encouraging to get Brenda to do it. She loved it. The helicopter tour was also great, but that too took some encouragement to get Brenda to do it, since there had been a tragic crash and deaths on Moloki and an emergency landing on the Big Island a few days before our flight.(different company from ours). The only negative part of the helicopter tour was that there was very little volcanic activity. We did see some lava flow through a small crater and a little lava flow on the surface. No flow into the Pacific or wild eruptions like you see on the advertisements for helicopter tours. Even so, we did enjoy the flight and Brenda was glad that she went and survived. The land volcano tour was less dramatic, but nice none the less. We visited and walked out on the 1992 flow that added 100s of acres to the land mass of Hawaii; we walked through a lava tube and we viewed the glow of the lava from 1/4 mile away at night.

    Two accidental happy moments were when I called a Memphis banker while in Oahu at 7am( 11am Memphis time) and was reminded that Memphis vs Belmont was on ESPN within 10 minutes of when I called. We watched the entire game that Memphis won by 16. Then last night while moving our car to self parking, I accidentally came across a free Luau setup for 300 Memphis fans here in our hotel with the party starting in 45 minutes. I found the Memphis crew and Brenda and I both went to the Luau with our Memphis friends.

    The negatives were few. The Papeete circle tour was fair, but it did rain all day. Bloody Mary's was not worth the effort. The presentation was great, the food over cooked. Everyone one that we talked to that went there was disappointed. The glass bottom boat was fair to poor. Visibility was marginal which took away from it. We visited the rays and shark area and watched from our boat as others were in the water with the fish, which we'd already done once.

    Our only incidents were firstly, Brenda slipped down the ladder as she was entering the water for the ray and shark feeding on Moorea. She developed some very colorful spots on her buttocks and the back of her legs. It's all cleared up now. As for me at 6' 5" tall, I've bumped my head at least 4 times getting in and out of vans and the helicopter developing some colorful scraps on my head.

    Today we are relaxing in our fabulous room with it's fabulous view, preparing ourselves for the basketball part of our adventure, which begins tomorrow at 10am(2pm Memphis time) against #17 Michigan.

    Aubrey and Brenda

  37. 20 May 2011

    Theresa, I just wanted to give you an update on our trip to Maui. We flew nwa, first class, and it was perfect. Our flights were all on time, the meals were great for airline food and the service was excellent. Alamo had our car waiting a.nd the convertible is the only way to travel on Maui.
    We stayed at the Royal Lahaina and it really nice. The staff was excellent, the room was clean and modern. I wish we had an ocean front rather than ocean view but you can't have everything! The breakfast buffet was fine, the food was good, service was excellent. The whales were starting to appear and they were great to see. We took the Pacific Whale watch tour one day and a small zodiac tour the next. I would recommend the zodiac tour. Less people so you could see the whales better. On the Pacific tour, people would get in the way and you could not see the whales.
    We were told that we were there at the slowest time of the year. Thank you again for everything..

  38. 21 Jan 2011

    We had the MOST fabulous time at Sandals Negril. Thank you for recommending it. The staff was very accommodating and friendly. The facilities were clean and inviting and we couldn't have been treated any better than we were. Top rated resort. The food was exquisite, each restaurant outdid the one before and the entertainment was superb! Here I an jumping from the 35 ft cliffs at Rick's Bar and Grill (an excursion we took from the resort that was well worth the ticket price).
    We met some really great new friends that we plan to travel with next year. Thanks again!

  39. 11 Oct 2010

    HI Theresa

    Got back from Cancun a few days ago and had a great time. The Gran Caribe hotel is excellent and we would use it again. Thanks for your help and we will be in touch again.
    I recommend Cancun, lovely people and great vacaion spot.

  40. 11 Jul 2010

    Hey! Theresa wanted to thank you for offering the trip to Jamaica. Resort was Great Food was outstanding, and the service and staff like family. Excellent. I hope to do Biz with you again very soon.

  41. Jim
    16 Aug 2016

    Hi Theresa,

    My wife and I had a fantastic time in Bora Bora.  Bungalow was amazing. Thanks for everything!

  42. 13 May 2016


    You did an awesome job!  I wanted to take the time to tell you again thanks for the help on our trip to Bora Bora.  It really made our 30th anniversary something special and memorable.  We do travel a lot so if you run across in really good deals keep us in mind.  Thanks again!!!

  43. Amy
    21 Mar 2016


    We are back from our fabulous trip! Thank you so much for setting it up for us. We had a wonderful time relaxing and having fun in the sand and sun! It was a beautiful resort with awesome staff. Highly recommend it at Sandals Whitehouse!

     Thanks again and we will be talking once again in the future!

  44. Bob
    24 Nov 2015

    I just used her services for a trip to the south pacific and I had no problems. Anytime there was a question she quickly responded. Anytime there was an issue financial or logistical it was addressed promptly.

    Bob S

  45. 24 Nov 2015

    Hi Theresa,

     We are back home after a perfect honeymoon in Tahiti. All of the documents that you sent us were in order. Marana Tours was waiting for us at the airport and transported us to the ferry dock where we boarded the ferry to Moorea. When we arrived we were picked up by Albert Tours and transported to the Hilton Hotel. The staff was very friendly and let us check in to our room without waiting until 2 pm. The hotel was wonderful as our room was also. We snorkeled directly from our deck and there was an abundance of colorful fish. We rented a car and drove completely around the island, went on an ATV  tour to Magic Mountain, Belvedere and the pineapple plantation, went to the dinner show at the Hilton which was fantastic and took a boat ride with Hero's Tours to snorkel with black tip sharks and sting rays all of which were not aggressive, after snorkeling we had a BBQ on the private beach. We want to thank you for arranging the room at the Tahiti Pearl Beach Hotel for the two days otherwise it would have been very difficult to get from Moorea to Papeete and then to the airport in one day.

     Some information for your future clients to Tahiti, the Hilton gives an exchange of 100 francs for $100 US and everyone else that doesn't accept credit cards gives the same exchange. At the bank in downtown Papeete the ATM gives you 1,000 francs for $100 US and my bank that it was drawn on only charged $89 US. If I was to do it again I would go to the ATM in the bank and exchange a lot more money and pay cash for most purchases. 

  46. 24 Nov 2015


    We made it back safely to 35 degree temperatures in NYC. We had a great time and thanks again for all your help in planning the perfect honeymoon. 

    We passed your name onto a few of our friends that are getting married  within the next Yr or so in case you get some random emails. They are all law enforcement or military friends. 

     Have a great thanksgiving!


  47. 1 Jul 2015

    Theresa You planned a beautiful trip for us. We are so pleased and sad to be home. We want to go back next May. When you get your next trips scheduled let me know so we can book earlier. Thanks again Theresa 

  48. 9 Jun 2015

    We got back safely and had a GREAT time. 

     Thank you for arranging this trip.

     Nana Ishizuka

  49. 20 May 2015

    Dear Theresa,

     We returned home yesterday morning from our dream trip to French Polynesia.  Thank you so much for help in making my dream come true.  Everything was wonderful and the pick up people met us on time and were most courteous.  The hotels you chose must have been the best as the rooms were perfect.  We did have an awful time with light switches. We must have turned all the switches on and off at the bungalow at Intercontinental 5 times and couldn't find the switch to turn the light off over the bed.  We finally called the reception desk and they sent a man over who turned it right off! Boy, did we feel stupid!  We laughed so hard afterwards and I was wondering if anyone there saw the lights going off and on.  If so, they must have thought we were nuts...

     The islands are beautiful and unspoiled.  We took a tour of Moorea and did a lagoon trip and swam with the sting rays and black tip sharks.  The man that ran the trip was so funny.  The island(there by Intercontinental) we went to for the BBQ was so dreamy.  I could have stayed there forever.

     Le Taha'a's OWB was just as we had seen on tv, fabulous!  We had wanted to snorkel in the Coral Gardens but it rained and fortunately our catamaran stopped there to snorkel so we didn't miss it after all.  We also stopped at a vanilla plantation on Taha'a and the Spa at the Intercontinental and Bloody Mary's for dinner on Bora Bora.  I was able to do 2 dives at Bora Bora too.

     Before we boarded our catamaran on Raiatea we had a private tour of Raiatea which we booked through Le Taha'a. Expensive but the lady took us all around the island which lasted 6 hours.

     When we flew back to Tahiti I wanted to tour the island but our energy seemed to disappear quickly so we missed touring the island.  Maybe next time...

     The only bad part of the trip was the long flights. Ugh! Monday our flight on AA was supposed to leave at 10:20 pm from LAX but got delayed until 12 M.  We had arrived at 6:15 pm so it was a long wait again.

     I just want to express my gratitude for arranging everything.  You didn't forget anything!



  50. 7 Mar 2015

    To all of the recipients of this email, I feel that is important to provide you with some background before I get to the details of our St Regis experience. I know it is long but please be paitient, and read itentirely.


    In March of 2013 I found myself in a position where my wife and I had accumulated more than enough wealth for me to retire. We wanted to plan a trip in March of 2014 to commemorate my retirement. We had a discussion with my wife’s parents on places to go. My Father in law who has been more of real father to me than my own, and his wife a second mother. Shared with us that he has always wanted to go back to the South Pacific. Being a proud retired Marine who served two tours in Vietnam he had visited the South Pacific, and said there was nothing else like it on earth. We asked them if I could find a place would they like to join us, and of course they agreed. The requirements we decided on were that it be as private as possible, over the water accommodation’s, two bedrooms, a private pool, and if possible a private island. I searched the internet and found the Hilton property with its Presidential Suite. Being a LONG TIME Hilton member  I was extremely excited. Not only did it meet ALL our requirements, it had an upper deck, sauna, and hot tub! It was perfect so we enlisted the help of Theresa from the "Travelin with Theresa", travel agency (who is awesome), and booked our ten day trip. The rest of the year the four of us excitedly discussed our trip. We looked at every video, and any information we could find. WE were so excited! My Father in law was happier than I have ever seen him.

    Then seven days before we were due to arrive I received a poorly worded email that our villa was under construction and we would be relocated to the St Regis in a Royal Deluxe over the water Villa with a pool.


    Coming into this our expectations were pretty low based on the background above. The greeting at the airport in Bora Bora was average, the boat was average, there was no champagne, or anything that screamed out “you are going on the most expensive vacation of your life”! Then we arrived at the Resort, the entry way was impressive and the greeting was warm and inviting. We checked in and even though we were prepared to wait we were pleasantly surprised our room was ready immediately. Carmen the butler took us to our Villa she was super sweet and nice yet very professional. She even stopped along the way and picked a gardenia flower for my Mother in Laws hair. She thoroughly explained things and offered a tour, we declined. When we entered our room we were impressed best accommodations any of us had ever seen, and the champagne was a nice touch. The neighbors villas seemed close but after awhile they didn't, and the mountain WOW we got a thumbs up from God every day!!!

    Our Ten Days (It will be as brief as possible)

    The property was spectacular and well maintained, the workers always paused to greet us when we would walk by. Everyone was so friendly..

    The dining hall was clean and the food was always great. We ate at all the restaurant's (I think), and that was always an exceptional experience.

    The Polynesian dinner was so much fun watching guests interact with the dancers, and again the food and drink were great. (I will get to the service further down).

    The lagoonarium was something we had never seen. We swam with the fish three times during our stay. I still cant believe I feed them rate out of my hand…

    We had an invitation to dine and tour the Hilton property (see above), and the St Regis really stepped up making sure we got there and back. We are nervous people, however your staff was great. The Hilton property was nice but it was no St Regis. Steve the man in charge treated us with respect and was very friendly.

    We spent time at the beach and the amenities there were fun. Tom took us sailing and even found my Mother in laws sun glasses when she lost them snorkeling, and refused a tip ( I made him take it)…

    There were so many things to do, however we were enjoying each others company so much and the service we only left to go to the Hilton and once to the main island.


    This is the area you distinguished yourself. Having come from a service background where I was in charge of providing service to hospitals who utilized our million dollar product (The da Vinci surgical robot). I understand what good service is and how difficult it can be to meet and exceed expectations of demanding customers. However you did it!! Now I would like to recognize those who stood out..

    Tom, the beach boy I already told you about the beach experience. What I didn't tell you is his overall demeanor every time he saw us he talked to us and helped us with a special request. He made us feel like we were welcome guests  on his island home. His comrades did as well.

    Carmen, our butler I say our butler because that is how she made us feel. We were the only guests she had to take care of, we know that is not true but I guess that is the magic of fine service.

    Lucas, a sweet kid from Austria who truly understood the key to great service is to treat people how you would want to be treated. Like I said I lived in the service world for a long time you can teach someone to understand how to deliver service, but some like Lucas are born with it. Give him a dark BLUE shirt.

    Sam, not sure what her title was but she wore a black shirt so that means management of some sort. She was so friendly and also understood the concept of customer service and felt like we new her our entire life. She made us feel like she was going out if her way to take care of us..

    Richard, what impressed us most about Richard is even though you knew clearly that he was in charge he didn't flaunt it. He made each guest feel like they were special. Make no mistake though we saw him observing and correcting staff he was clearly in charge..


    Please remember these coments in no way demean our over all amazing experience.

    Go through your snorkel gear and replace anything that is sub standard. Why would you let such a little thing tarnish the experience you provide.

    Offer (at a fee of course) guests the opportunity to pre stock there room with drinks and snacks.

    Maybe it was just us but it seemed like once someone attained some sort of leadership position the need to be friendly to guests went away. Sam and Richard were the only exception. I used to tell my team; “We are a team our success or failure lies on all of our shoulders. We each have different roles to fill and we all need to strive to exceed at our individual goals, and integrate them together. As your leader it is my job to provide direction to keep us on task. That does not make me better it just makes me the guy that has to answer to those above us if we fail, and I don't fail!”


    Thomas  Tina   Edward   Penny

  51. 21 Feb 2015

    Theresa has lined up a number of vacations for us in the past few years. Our most recent one was to France. The accomodations were wonderful and the location as well. We have never been disappointed in any trips Theresa has lined up for us. She always comes thru for us. If you use Travelin with Theresa for your next vacation destination you will be very glad you did!

  52. 21 Feb 2015

    Hi Theresa,

    Adrian and I had a great time in Jamaica after some early difficulties on the trip. The red-eye flight to Houston was fine, as was the layover and the flight to Montego Bay. When we got there, so had everyone else. There were thousands and thousands of people in the airport. It took two hours just to clear customs. We then sat on the bus for the resort for 45 minutes while they waited for it to be completely full. There was no leg room and no place to put carry-on bags other than your lap. The trip to the resort was two hours long. We hadn’t slept for 36 hours by the time we got there. I have a bad back, and the two hours standing in line, and three hours on the cramped bus were murder after the long flight. We were completely fried by the time we got there. Adrian was about to blow up and all I could do was pray that he liked the vacation, which he did (this was our first vacation together and I felt very responsible because I booked it).

    Other than that, the room was nice and romantic. It needed a little work in the bathroom but that didn’t bother us. The room is located close to the central lodge, which is convenient. The resort itself was lovely and the people very friendly and helpful. The food and drinks were great. The resort is large and there is renovation work going on, which is a positive.

    We did some sailing and thoroughly enjoyed it. There were a number of other activities going on, but we spent most of the time laying around because we needed the rest.

    I would definitely do a Sandals vacation again, with a few alterations. If I had it to do over, I would probably not take the red-eye, because the time in country until we got to the resort was almost five hours. I also would have paid extra to ride in a van and leave the airport immediately, rather than wait on the cramped bus for 45 minutes, and then have to make a concessions stop.

    If you have some vacation deals that come up for next December or January, please let me know.

    Thank you for your help.

  53. 21 Feb 2015

    We had a great time overall with a few hiccups in between !”

    First of all,I want to thank my Travel Agent Theresa Wilkes of without whose patience and assistance this trip would not have been possible.
    This Resort pretty much lives up to the standards we have come to expect from the Sandals Chain.The food and drinks in the restaurants and bars was above board,the house keeping staff was on top of their game and the Camp Sesame was very much enjoyed by our young son.
    The issues we encountered were the fact that this room was more expensive from the room we had stayed in at Sandals Ocho Rios Jamaica where we had a Concierge Level
    room.Expecting to find a small mini bar,we were disappointed to find only water and practically had to beg to get some juice and milk for the baby.The other problem was not being recognized as returning guests.This was attributed to booking our trip through a travel agent and not the Beaches website.The resort swears that only they offer the best deals on packages but internet searches can turn up lower prices however this can lead to the issue I just listed.So they have you by the cojones either way.
    Out of all of the Sandals/Beaches,this one offers the biggest variety of restaurant choices.The pizza and calzones were very good for lunch,drop off the kids at Camp Sesame and go have a quiet dinner at Sapodillas (but get there early otherwise you will wait even if the venue does not appear full).The ostrich steak is very good but the ceasar salad was lousy.The beach was clean and the water was crystal clear but keep an eye on your cameras as there are stragglers hanging out trying to sell cheap souvenirs or overpriced para sail rides.We will probably return here at some point in the future when the baby is not so startled by the life size Sesame Street Characters although he did start to warm up to them after a few days of exposure.

  54. 21 Feb 2015

    Dearest Theresa,
    Sorry about getting back to you so late. I did want to thank you so much for booking our wonderful family vacation in Kona. We loved it. It was a beautiful family friendly hotel. My children loved riding on the boat especially my older son. The free breakfast buffet coupons was put to good use especially since the restaurants there were pretty pricey. We did find a local restaurant in town called Island Grill. The food was soooooooo yummy and affordable. A great place to recommend to other vacationers. We enjoyed all the pools and the ocean view putting green. We didn't mind the size of the resort either because it gave us a choice to walk to our destination (especially after pigging out at the buffet- we needed the daily walks). Only complaint- next year we will have to extend our vacation because it was too short. It took us a few days to settle in especially with the small ones and when we finally got them on track with the time change, it was time to leave

  55. 21 Feb 2015

    Just wanted to thank you for arranging the vacation for us. We are having an
    amazing time here at the Hapuna.

  56. 21 Feb 2015

    The wedding was spectacular and the honeymooners reported that your people on the ground greeted the plane, on time, presented the lei's, made them feel so welcome - high energy and very accommodating.

    They arrived at the Westin Moana - where they were greeted with a waiting beverage and snack, then shown to their room, which they reported was absolutely perfect - unobstructed view of the ocean and Diamond Head..king sized, "heavenly" bed....etc.

    I have every expectation that their return transport to the airport will go just as smoothly.

    I just wanted to thank you again, for handling everything so professionally, for your attention to details, and especially for finding the absolute best rates possible. Honestly, my wife and I travel extensively world-wide, and we're very experienced travel shoppers....yet, your price was unmatched!

    We will certainly call you again when the Islands call to us again.

    Regards, and mahalo!

  57. 21 Feb 2015

    We are spending our last night here in Waikiki and I wanted to thank you for such wonderful accommodations. The Hilton Hawaiian Village is something I would never have tried to do myself, but it has been a comfortable place to relax and base our adventures from.

    FYI, we did do the submarine and found it absolutely fascinating. We stumbled across a package deal for a sub trip and a lunch whale watching cruise for $143 thru Atlantis and enjoyed both of them very much (yes, we did get to see whales breaching!)

    We have had a truly wonderful time and are not wanting to get on the flight headed home. Thanks so much for all of your help!!!

  58. 21 Feb 2015

    Hey Theresa! Great shot of you in the Big Apple! I have been meaning to call you and let you know that as always Hawaii was flawless! We had a great room overlooking the ocean in the back at Turtle Bay and had a wonderful time. You did a great job as usual! The waves were HUGE so it was fun to watch but Carl did not get to surf as much as usual but he was ok with it. Happy New Year! Barbara

  59. 21 Feb 2015

    I am so sorry I didn’t contact you after our wonderful Hawaiian vacation in March/April. Wanted to tell you we had a GREAT vacation and appreciated all you did for us!! Our most favorite stay was in Turtle Bay in Oahu….we stayed there 3 nights and truly loved the relaxation and local beaches…..felt like we were there a week!! Our room might have been an upgrade because we had a refrigerator and large balcony compared to some with BEAUTIFUL views! I saw a gorgeous rainbow one morning! Also had absolutely no complaints about Royal Lahina in Maui. However, those 6 nights just zipped by. Some of our activities were zip lining for Janette (the valet attendant managed it and gave me a free pass but only room for one….needless to say gave generous tips), of course the dinner cruise and luau. We also booked a fishing trip…..left at 2:30 am and back to pier about Noon. We each caught 4 mahi mahi. Was great! Ate at Mama’s Fish House and it was outstanding.

  60. 21 Feb 2015

    Theresa, Home safe, just wanted to tell u thank u had a wonderful time at Turtle Bay ..thank u so much..we will be calling u later..thanks again...

  61. 21 Feb 2015

    Been to Oahu a few times but Turtle Bay was the best. The rooms are large and all have a great ocean view. The breakfast was great. It is so nice and quiet there as opposed to Waikiki.
    Great place and sooooo glad we went. Thanks for booking us an unforgettable vacation.

  62. 21 Feb 2015

    Hi Theresa

    Were back from Hawaii and it was wonderful. Thank you so much for all the help and making this possible for us. Even my in-laws loved it.
    Your deals make me want to take another vacation soooo bad. I wanted to let you know we had the best time in Kauai and I figured out what the extra charges were on the rental was that stupid insurance. Everything's got a catch! I don't know how to top Hawaii but that Bora Bora deal has my attention....Hope all is well.

  63. 21 Feb 2015

    Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for the best Hawaiian vacation packages ever!

    Velma and I have been vacationing in the Hawaiian Islands for some 20 years now with Kaanapali, Maui area our favorite spot by far.

    What made your vacation package the most memorable was every item met our expectation stopped off with the best Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa accommodations…Our Beach front Jr suite was located on the 4th floor in the tower that is situated against the Black Rock Cliff.

    The view from our suite (2 separate balconies) was spectacular offering panoramic ocean views while over looking the Terrace grounds and far down the beach to the Whalers Village. The staff was excellent and very attentive. Recreation was limited to our stamina and time.

    From from our balconies we watched Whales, Porpoises and Sea Turtles along with cruze ships, and small craft every day!

    The Hawaiian Sunset Cliff Dive ceremony commenced with a Conch Shell blast followed by drumbeats accompanied by native musical instruments. A native warrior carries a flaming torch up the beach and onto Black Rock Cliff. Then he lites the 5 Torches on the Black Rock Cliff, chants to the 4 winds, tossed the Torch & Lei into the sea and dives into the sea.

    All of which occurred right outside our balcony. Wow!

  64. 21 Feb 2015


  65. 21 Feb 2015

    Hi Theresa -

    We returned from Maui at the Ritz Carlton a few weeks ago and wanted to let you know that everything was great! Thank you so much for your help with our turned out to be a wonderful vacation

  66. 21 Feb 2015

    Hey, Theresa. Our trip was good, very good. The condos were awesome. I especially loved our place in Kona (Outrigger Kanaloa). It had the nicest/largest master bath that we had ever seen. It was an underhand toss from the patio to the ...ocean and we could hear the waves crashing on the lava rock from inside. Very, very nice and relaxing place.

    In retrospect, I would have 1) stayed 3 instead of 2 nights on the big island (but who knew the volcano would be erupting?), and 2) let you find a place In Kailua. The house was okay, just not in the same category as the condos.

    Thanks for all your efforts.

  67. 20 Feb 2015

    Hello Theresa, Jeremy love here. Hope this note finds you doing good. We had a great time in Hawaii again, thank you so much for taking care of us. You booked me a fantastic trip at the Royal Lahaina for the wife and I and loved Kona too. Just wanted to let you know we will be in Anaheim going to Disneyland and would really like to have lunch, dinner whatever with you and meet you face to face.

    Lets chat
    Have a great day

  68. 20 Feb 2015

    Bora Bora was great. The Pearl was outstanding; the staff was accommodating and attentive. Our next trip we are thinking maybe October, but we are flexible. Weather will probably be the deciding factor

  69. 20 Feb 2015

    Hi Theresa!

    I hope this email finds you well!

    I've been meaning to write to let you know how amazing our wedding/trip was at the Pearl. Thank you so much for ensuring that all the details were taken care of. The entire group was so happy with the friendly, efficient service you provided.

    Hope you're enjoying your summer!

  70. 20 Feb 2015

    Theresa, things worked out great at Four Seasons, had a great trip, and time. The connections worked out, and thank you.

    God we were not on Carnival Cruise Line. Randy

  71. 20 Feb 2015

    Hi Theresa,

    I just wanted to let you know we had a wonderful time on Bora Bora.
    That island and the resort is everythting I ever imagined and more.
    We had plenty of rain and sunshine as well. came back all tan and well rested.

  72. 20 Feb 2015

    We spent a week at The Four Season's in August and loved it! Theresa did a wonderful job of getting us last minute reservations for the resort view rooms and when we got there we were upgraded to a mountain view. She had told them about our anniversary celebration so there was also champagne and a chocolate cake and fruit in the room. The resort is absolutely stunning! The over the water bungalows are just beautiful! The water is amazing! The staff was wonderful but the food is very pricey so be prepared! We brought wine and snacks with us and it saved us a ton of money! On the way back she booked us a circle tour which was very nice and helped bridge the gap between flights. Theresa covered every detail of our trip and I would highly recommend using her for all of your island travels!

  73. 20 Feb 2015

    Excellent job. We had a blast !

    The only thing I would have changed is to stay at the intercontinental in Tahiti; otherwise it was perfect.

    We look forward to staying in touch and please keep me on your promotional email list.



  74. 20 Feb 2015

    Excellent job. We had a blast !

    The only thing I would have changed is to stay at the intercontinental in Tahiti; otherwise it was perfect.

    We look forward to staying in touch and please keep me on your promotional email list.



  75. 20 Feb 2015

    Theresa sent us on an amazing trip to Moorea and Bora Bora. Her personal experiences made us book on her recommendations. We were not disappointed in the least!

    Jen & Mike Grugan

  76. 20 Feb 2015

    Thank you Theresa!! We had a fantastic time. You made everything so easy. Transfers were easy, hotel was gorgeous!!
  77. 20 Feb 2015

    The trip and transfers went well. I did not think through my allergy meds, however. typically, I start them in the Spring and carry them to Fall. On your advice column, you might want to advise people that if it is spring where you originate from, you are going into late Summer when you cross the equator. About 3 days before we left, I had the classic allergy symptoms that morphed into an inner ear infection, sinus headache, with yellow goo coming from my tearducts in the eyes...the trip home was considerably less pleasant of course. Since we leave so late at night from Tahiti on the way home, I think next time we will stay over night in LA, and continue our flight the next day to home. Everything was beautiful, caught a wahoo, but no marlin fishing. Snorkeling was fabulous-saw three different types of rays (all friendly and would visit you, presumably looking for food), hundreds of fish, and two black tipped sharks (very skittish and they took off for deeper water quickly). This was all from our overwater bungalow. The meals in the French restaurent were excellent, but only so-so in the Polynesian restaurant (mosting preparation issues-overcooked chicken and fish). French pastries were outstanding and fattening...Breakfast buffet was very good and lots to select from. Most people, when they order simply water, do not expect bottled water (which is then added as an additional cost to your meals). One has to ask for "iced water" to get regular water put into a glass, and then no charge is incurred on your bill. Spa facilities were great, and rewarding after our trip there.

    I have referred you to several friends of ours.

  78. 20 Feb 2015


    I just wanted you to know we had an excellent time in Moorea and Bora Bora. I just wanted to thank you for everything you did to make it so wonderful. I look forward to working with you in the future.
    Thanks again,

  79. 20 Feb 2015

    Theresa was awesome! Everything went great and smoothly! We stayed at Tahiti for one night and then we stayed at Bora Bora for the rest of our honeymoon. Everything was setup and the proper paper work was given to us by her and we couldn't have asked for a better honeymoon. We really loved our villa. We had a villa over water and it was amazing just like she had informed us. The people were wonderful. I can't express this enough, we were unsure about going with somebody that we didn't meet in person at first, but after talking to her on the phone several times and the emails that were sent back and forth anytime we had questions was amazing. What took AAA to find us information on took Theresa 24 hours. It was awesome and we would highly recommend her. She was very thoughtful and knew how to get what you wanted. Excellent service and Excellent work!!!! Thank you Theresa for everything

  80. 20 Feb 2015

    Theresa was awesome! Everything went great and smoothly! We stayed at Tahiti for one night and then we stayed at Bora Bora for the rest of our honeymoon. Everything was setup and the proper paper work was given to us by her and we couldn't have asked for a better honeymoon. We really loved our villa. We had a villa over water and it was amazing just like she had informed us. The people were wonderful. I can't express this enough, we were unsure about going with somebody that we didn't meet in person at first, but after talking to her on the phone several times and the emails that were sent back and forth anytime we had questions was amazing. What took AAA to find us information on took Theresa 24 hours. It was awesome and we would highly recommend her. She was very thoughtful and knew how to get what you wanted. Excellent service and Excellent work!!!! Thank you Theresa for everything

  81. 20 Feb 2015

    Wow!! what a trip thanks so very much for a wonderful experience. just absolutely gorgeous over there. We will contact you next year for a most enjoyable trip. Again, thank you very much.


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